Monday, 18 August 2008

Workout Changes

I have been asked a few times why people carry out so many different exercises to train individual muscle groups, the reason for this is to stop themselves hitting a plateau.

When training it is important to change the exercises in a workout every six to twelve weeks. By changing the exercises used for workouts it will stop the body from becoming too used to specific movements. Imagine using the same exercises month in and month out, over time your body and mind will become accustomed to the movements and muscle gain from the exercise will become harder to attain.

What is noticed is that many people in the gym only complete the exercises that they are strongest on, this is proof alone that they need to concentrate on the exercises they find more difficult as this is where they will make the best gains.

I always keep a core set of exercises such as flat bench for chest, deadlift for legs and dumbbell or barbell row for back but regularly change the rest of the exercises in my workout to increase my potential muscle and strength gains.


anette said...

i feel that im getting stronger in every excercise im doing exept bench presses(both with dumbells and barbell, inclinde, flat..) ive almost been on the "same" level for years! i change my programme every two months, im always doing compound excersise the squat, deadlift etc, i eat well, get enough rest. what am i doing wrong?? sorry about my english, im norwegian..