Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Daily Plate

For those interested in bodybuilding and for others who want to watch their weight I am going to give you a little helping hand with watching those pounds/kilograms.

There is a great website on the Internet called The Daily Plate where you can monitor your training activity levels and your calorie intake from proteins to carbs and fats. This is a great and FREE site that will allow you to use their huge database of foods to keep account of the food you eat.

The daily plate even tells you exactly what percentage of carbs etc you need to take in each day and how much you have eaten accounts towards this...or goes over this on a bad day!

I used to use this site religiously but have not used it for a while...and I feel this is part of the reason a few pounds have gathered around my midriff which I am currently working off!!


hazirahkatrina said...

I will have to confirm my height and weight, and register myself in that website as fast as possible. Thanx. its very useful information