Saturday, 5 June 2010

Build Bigger Forearms

One area of the upper body neglected more than any other is the forearms, everyone builds bigger biceps but what about the area of the arm below the elbow? Not many people remember to train this area.

Taking this into consideration how many of you would love to build bigger forearms? Most of you would so why are you not training your forearms?

There is an easy way to build bigger forearms by simply adding a couple of forearm exercises into your biceps workout.

Build Bigger Forearms

To build bigger forearms the two exercises you need to incorporate in to your biceps workout are wrist curls. Simply carry out supinated and pronated wrist curls at the end of your workout with three sets of twelve reps and your on your way to big bulging forearms.

For wrist curls you dont need a heavy weight, in fact some people will find training with a 10 kg barbell enough to feel the burn in their forearms.

So simply take a barbell and carry out three sets of supinated wrist curls, this means with your palms facing up towards your face, follow this with three sets of pronated wrist curls which means with your palms facing down towards your feet.

Building bigger forearms is an important and integral part of building your strength to support both your biceps and back workouts among other body parts.

What are you waiting for, get started on those forearms today!