Monday, 27 February 2012

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Why do people put so nonsense into muscle building, no nonsense muscle building is the way to building big muscles. Thats right, take the no nonsense muscle building approach and you are on to a winner straight away. By no nonsense muscle building what do we mean? Well put simply it means taking no crap and weight lifting like you are meant too.

If you are wondering what you should do to carry out no nonsense muscle building then follow the next three steps to success.

Step 1)

Ignore all the lads throwing their body’s around and not lifting correctly, you know the guys, the ones who spend ages in front of the mirror and talking like they are world class weightlifters who no more than everyone else. These guys talk nonsense and need to be ignored.

Step 2)

Get a real weight lifting routine and stick to it religiously and carry it out correctly. This means strict form even if you lift less, your muscles with strengthens more quickly and your body will not get injured. The whole point of weight lifting is keeping focussed, not missing sessions and carrying out the sessions correctly.

Step 3)

Eat well and eat right. Dont eat less, you will never get bigger if you don’t feed your muscles, but don’t eat crap either. You need to eat the right foods and a lot of them to build superior muscles. Get an understanding of your body and what it needs then feed it up, eat your greens, eat proteins and the right types of carbs.

Following this no nonsense muscle building approach you will find your muscles will increase in weeks rather than months. I have personally trained with people who have nearly doubled their strength in three months simply by following the above.