Monday, 20 October 2008

Training Body Parts Equally

It is well known in the training world that many men will train specific parts of their body and neglect other parts. While this may not seem too bad at first glance, it is essentially very bad for the body.

We all know the men that visit the gym and work hard on their pecs, abs and guns (Biceps) yet never train their back or legs. These same people have the ideal in their head of having big arms and chest for the beach but dont understand the negative impact it can have on their body.

By training hard on one muscle group and not training others it produces an unnatural muscle imbalance which can affect the skeletal system causing problems with posture and joints.


An example of an unnatural imbalance causing probems to the skeletal system is overtraining the chest. By training the chest but not the back you can cause a muscle imbalance that affects your posture. When training the chest you will also train the front deltoid muscle of the shoulder, over time the chest and front deltoid grow in strength and size but the back remains the same.

Because of the muscle imbalance a person can expect to see their shoulders slump, neck bend forward and an unnatural curvature of the spine appear over time, this is because the muscles of the back and deltoid muscles cannot support the added weight from the training of the chest and front deltoids.


It is true that many people have one musle group that can be naturally stronger than other muscle groups comparitively speaking. I for one know that my back is extremely strong compared to all other muscle groups but for me this is a natural balance I was born with and has always been the case since before I started training.

In fact because I know of this slight imbalance I work harder on all other muscle groups than I do on my back so it gives me the opportunity to bring all my muscles in to line.

It is essential to train all body parts equally unless you know of a muscle group that has a weakness compared to others where you can train harder on this muscle group to bring it in to line with your stronger muscles.

If you do not train your muscles equally you can start to look awkward because of large muscles in one area and small muscles elsewhere, or even worse you can have a negative impact on your skeletal system.