Friday, 6 November 2009

Build Great Traps

Many people don’t know what traps are, that is until they see a man who looks like he has two sets of shoulders.

As you can see from the picture, the traps (actually called the Trapezius) are two muscles found in the back. The traps start at the lumbar region of the back and finishes at the top of the neck just below the start of the skull where the cerebellum region of the brain is situated. The muscles then reach out across the back to the shoulders.

The name Trapezius comes from the fact that the two muscles together looks like a trapezium.

When exercised and increased in size the traps help give the back overall size (not width) and also give a statement of power as they give size around the neck and shoulder region when accompanied with well trained shoulders.

Many people don’t realise that the traps are actually used in so many exercises by supporting and assisting the main muscles involved.

So how do you build big strong traps?

Try incorporating the shrug exercise into your workout. The best way to carry out the shrug exercise is to sit with dumbbells in either hand and literally shrug your shoulders up (straight don’t roll your shoulders) as best you can and hold it for 2 secs before moving back to your starting position.

Another great exercise is the upright row. This exercise is used by many in the shoulder workout yet it also works the traps too!

The seated row, this is my favourite resistance machine (I don’t like using resistance machines as Im a free weight lover). The seated row will work your traps to a good level as well as other muscles in your back so is another great exercise to incorporate into your workout.

The traps only take a short period of time to grow in size and with a good shoulder workout will support your goal of a great and powerful physique.


Nikola G. said...

Hey Mugshot,

just dropping in for a quick confirmation regarding the training of the traps. It's good thing that you mentioned in the brackets, not to do roll the shoulders, but do them straight up.
I see a lot of guys doing the rolling with the shoulders, is that wrong? I have never done any rolling since it never made any logic sense for me as to why should I be rolling them instead of just moving them up :)

Thanks for your posts, I find them really, really useful as I'm trying to gain some!

Mugshot said...

Hi Nikola,

By rolling the shoulders a person is not not adding any extra benefit to the exercise.

In fact by rolling the shoulders a person is adding extra stress to the small rotator cuffs (small group of muscles and tendons that support the shoulders), thus potentially causing injury.

Im glad you like my posts :) its always nice to hear from readers who find what I write useful.