Sunday, 15 November 2009

Slow Training

Well its been three months since I ruptured a disc in my back and I have only managed 4 trips to the gym in just over two weeks. On top of this I have tried running on three occassions, the first was a wash out as I couldnt run, the second I managed around 800 metres before suffering with my back...the last time (today) I managed around one mile (1.5 kilometres) before I was knackered!

Thats right, in three months its amazing how unfit you can become and how quick your gains can be lost. I have found after three months that I have lost my fitness, lost some strength and loads of endurance in my muscles and of course lost some muscle mass (around 5 kg I think).

I am seeing the consultant on Tuesday and am hoping that I can get the all clear to start back in the gym properly and get running properly again. I need to get my strength and fitness up as it is depressing me.

I have a plan in mind on how to get my strength and fitness back, the strength part is easy as Ill just hit the gym on a large scale carrying out pyramid training, its the fitness part that bothers me. I think that Ill start by running three times a week until I can run around 3 to 4 kilometres with ease and will then start Fartlek training.

Fartlek training is a way of building speed and stamina and is carried out by mixing your running session up into different speeds and gradients, an example of my version is below.

  • Warm up: gentle jog for 5 minutes or so
  • Steady to hard run at speed for 1.5 km
  • Fast walking or light jog for about 5 minutes
  • Sprinting up hill then running down around five time (See pic of my hill)
  • Running at a quick pace for 5 minutes
  • Fast walking or light jog for about 5 minutes to warm down
So now I have my plan of attack I just need to see my consultant on Tuesday to get the okay to really build my strength and endurance back up.

I currently weigh in at 95kg, although I have gained a little on the stomach over the past three months from not training and hardly doing any walking because of the ruptured disc in my back.

Fingers crossed for Tuesday!