Monday, 22 September 2008

Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette is an interesting and important part of training, you would be surprised at how many people do not know or take heed of the rules in a gym they frequent.

Those who do understand Gym etiquette will understand exactly what I am talking about, this is the small boy that picks up his weights and stands too close to you so you cannot complete the last few reps of your set or the gym rat who thinks he owns all the weight machines!

There are quite a few rules that need to be adhered to when visiting the gym, these rules make it enjoyable and safe for all who visit.

I write this post due to the poor etiquette I have seen of some who visit the gym I go to, now this is the gym I train in when in the UK, not the one in Bulgaria (I never have a problem with gym etiquette in the Bulgarian gym).

So what gym rules should you follow to keep your gym safe and enjoyable for all?

  • Do not use your mobile phone while in the training section of the gym
  • Do not carry out exercises right next to the weights as this stops others picking the weights they need
  • Keep a safe distance from the people to your left and right when carrying out exercises to ensure you and those around you have enough space
  • Always put weights back after use so they are not a hazard for others and so others can easily find what they need
  • Do not "Hog" the benches and weights, would you like it if you had to wait for someone who had 4 sets of dumbbells and a barbell in front of them!
  • Clean down machines after use, no one wants to sit in your sweat
  • The gym is for training, a little banter is good but having a meeting about your weekend in the middle of the gym with 3 friends is not fair on others
  • Keep the noise down, some people are trying to concentrate
Now I am not sounding off when advising of the above, these are clear guidelines on how you and others can help each other make a training session a real enjoyable experience.

When training I try to go when its quiet and there are not many people around this way I can fully concentrate on lifting those extra few kilograms without worrying about people affecting my workout.

Take Gym etiquette seriously as next time it could be you getting annoyed with someone not following simple rules.

Train hard, but above all train safe :D