Saturday, 6 September 2008

Home Workout

There are time when getting to the gym just is not possible and this is where a home workout can help. I know from my own experience that on rare occassions I find it hard to fit all four training sessions into my schedule.

It does have to be noted that a home workout will not give the same impact on your body that a real gym session would. Home workouts do support a proper gym workout if you are missing the odd session here or there, nothing more.

For those that are interested in what a home workout look like below are the exercises I carry out.

Press ups - minimum 20 x 8
Tricep dips - 10 x 5
Crunches - 4 x 30
Leg Raise - 3 x 25

As you can see this is just a small assistance workout where no weights are needed, it also has no heavy impact on the muscles. It is this reason why I say that a home workout is just a supplementary session for the weeks when you try as haerd as possible but cant fit all gym sessions in.

My Home workout - Press ups