Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ladies Only

I have had some positive feedback about Muscle power shop in recent times but one thing has become apparent, I am not catering to the ladies of this world!

To right this awful wrong I am creating the ladies only category on the blog. Here I will detail all that ladies need to know about building lean muscle for definition and using weight training as part of a fat loss regime.

Over the coming weeks and months the ladies only section will become a library of everything a woman needs to know to achieve her goals.

What I think will be important in the ladies section is explaining how weight training will support goals and why it will help along with the usual nutritional support.

Ladies I hope you will enjoy the ladies only section and hope you will coment on the information provided so I can make the ladies only section tailored to your needs.

Now to apologise for not having created the ladies only section sooner! ....SORRY!!


Rory said...

I think that it is wonderful :) Now I can get my booty ready for winter fashion :) - poisonapplesauce

MickisMorsels said...

I'm looking forward to this. I've been working out religiously for 3 months, and although the weights seem so much lighter now, I'm afraid to add more weight because I think I'll bulk up. I'd love some tips for defining arms and slimming inner thighs without bulking. How about debunking some myths?