Monday, 10 November 2008

10 Week Lift Peaking Cycle

For those that want to improve their strength in particular lifts I have created a ten week lift peaking cycle.

This 10 week lift peaking cycle caculator is perfect for Powerlifters who want to work on their deadlift, benchpress or squat in the run up to a meet. Work on your lift using this peak cycle and you will hit your peak for week week.

Some of you may wonder how the peak cycle works. Well basically the cycle works by building you up to your one rep max by getting you to lift specific percentages of your one rep max over a period of time. You will find by the end of your peak cycle when you attempt your one rep max it will be easily achieved and you can put extra weight on to the bar.

To get your 10 week lift peaking cycle calculator click here

I hope you like this new addition to my free tools and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Stephen said...

Is this workout based off of maxes with or without gear? Do I use a raw max and then add in some sets in a suit for the last few weeks?

Mugshot said...

Hi Stephen, This is based on the figure you put in as your 1 rep max. If you put in your raw 1 rep max then the peak cycle is based on raw, likewise if you input your 1 rep max with gear then it will give you a peaking cycle with gear.

I have personally never tried the peaking cycle by adding a suit for some sets in the last few weeks but do not see why you couldnt do it, you would have to increase weight accordingly though for being in a suit for those sets.