Saturday, 15 November 2008

Bodybuilders - Big Shoulders

Many people work hard in the gym to gain big shoulders so they look broad. The problem is that many do not train their shoulders properly so look wide from the front yet look flat from the side.

There is two reasons why people fail in getting big, full rounded shoulders, these are

  • Overloading weight so they lose form
  • Forgetting to train the rear deltoids
Overloading weight so form is lost

The deltoid muscles are very sensitive to movement so when lifting weight that is too heavy form is lost and losing form means the slightest change in the angle of the lift moves the stress from one deltoid to another.

An example is the lateral raise, working the lateral deltoid. Many tend to lift heavier than needed and lose form putting the emphasis on the front deltoid instead. What happens is that the front deltoid grows in size while the lateral deltoid does not gain at all, this results in rounded shoulders that have size when looking from the front but lack any size when looking from the side.

Forgetting to train the rear deltoids

This is the most common of issues when training the shoulders, it is so surprising that most people do not train these little but very significant muscles. While the rest of the shoulder is getting a good workout these muscles are left lagging behind meaning the shoulders are not looking as thick from the side as they could do.


When training the shoulders always ensure you keep good form so the emphasis is on the correct deltoid and never forget to train the rear delts. This way you will build a bigger, thicker set of shoulders while actually lifting less.