Thursday, 13 November 2008

Protein Shakes

After eight months it is a shock to me that I have never written about the great support protein shakes can have on supplementing your diet to ensure you get your daily protein intake.

Generally people take protein shakes after training which is great. Truth be told taking protein shakes is a great way to supplement your diet and ensure you are getting your daily protein intake while also giving you an easy meal replacement for when you dont have time to make a mid meal snack.

There are two types of protein shake on the market, one has low carbohydrates so is nearly 100% protein and the other carries a 50/50 ratio on protein and carbs.

The protein shakes that are low in carbs are a great supplement to a main meal so you can increase your protein intake from your meal while not increasing the carbohydrate intake which you have already gained from the meal itself.

The protein shakes that are 50% protein and 50% carbohydrates are perfect for a snack between meals or for after training as they will give you a great protein injection while also giving your body the energy it needs.

I normally keep a tub of both at home so I can use them as I need, normally this means a protein shake that is low in carbs to supplement my breakfast so I know my protein intake has started well for the day. I then have a 50% protein and 50% carb protein shake straight after training to give my body the nutrients it needs.