Sunday, 14 December 2008

Killer Home Chest Workout

Many people dont have the luxury of being able to afford a gym so I will be concentrating on the home workouts over the next few weeks ready for those who want to get in shape as their new years resolution.

This killer home chest workout will require a floor and a set of dumbbells, nothing more. Dumbbells can be picked up very cheap from local stores like Walmart in the US or Argos in the UK.

Okay so the idea behind this killer home chest workout is that you will not stop between sets, these are called supersets.

Exercise One


Keeping your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart and with strict form slowly bring yourself down to the floor and bring yourself back up again to your starting position for fifteen reps.

Video for form below

Exercise Two

Dumbbell Flies

Take your dumbbells and lie on your back flat on the floor with your arms out to your side and hand palm up holding the dummbells. Bring the dumbbells up in front of your body keeping your arms straight so they are directly above you and then return to your starting position. Complete 15 reps.

Video for form below

Exercise Three

Dumbell Press

Stay lying on your back and with dumbbells in hand move your arms in to the dumbbell press position and push them in front of you. Many people expect a bench to be required for the dumbbell press but the truth is that this can be done without any bench.

Video for form below


If you complete these three without rest for one set each, then rest for a minute and start again completing 4 sets of each in total. You will start to feel tired after the first set and wont need much weight on your dumbbells.

This is one killer home chest workout that will really improve your chest strength and size.