Monday, 29 December 2008

New Year - A New You

So the new year is looming and 2009 looks to be an interesting one. With the bite of the economic meltdown it will be interesting to see how many people will follow their new years resolution and join a gym for a month or so before 90% of these people quit.

For those 10% of you who are looking to join the rank and file of us that frequent the gym regularly, WELCOME!!!

Now I am sure many of us have thoughts on what we want to achieve physically in the new year....mine is to bulk up more as I have shed a few pounds of muscle through my last 12 week cycle. Some of you may wish to lose fat, while others may wish to bulk up with muscle like myself.

Setting Goals

What you need to do to achieve your goal is set milestones to attain them. Say you wish to add 40 kilograms to your bench press then why not split this down in to manageable chunks. An example would be to set 4 stages where you congratulate yourself by adding 10kg, then 20, then 30 before hitting your goal of 40 kilograms. If you do this then it will keep you motivated as you are still hitting your smaller targets rather than trying forever to hit your main goal.

This process will work with any goal whether it be burning fat or packing on the muscle.

Now I hope you will all keep coming back as I post more about nutrition, workouts, exercises and much more in 2009. Hopefully some of the information I post is useful and will help you achieve your new years resolution to be trim and muscular!