Saturday, 20 December 2008

Workout Supersets

Hitting a plateau in your muscle building? Then why not incoorporate super sets into your workout to shock your muscles into action!

Supersets - What are they

Supersets are two or more sets of different exercises completed one after the other without rest. Some only carry out supersets on opposing muscles such as the triceps and biceps while others use supersets as a way of really attacking one muscle group like the chest.

Benefits of Supersets

Supersets increase the intensity of your workout and reduce the time of your workout. You have to remember, more intensity in shorter time equals harder worked muscles that build in strength and size.

Types of supersets

There are three different types of supersets a person can carry out, these all perform two or more exercises in succession but are done so training different muscle groups in different ways.

Same muscle group

This type of superset is using two exercises that train the same muscle group such as dummbell bench press followed by dumbbell flys.

Antagonistic muscle groups

This type of superset is using two or more exercises that train opposing muscle groups such as the barbell curls (Biceps) and Triceps extensions (Triceps).

Staggered sets

This type of superset combines the use of a large muscle group such as the chest with a minor muscle group such as abs. This means you complete two exercises in succession such as bench press then crunches to speed up your workout.