Saturday, 13 June 2009

Favourite Muscle Groups

The poll on favourite muscle groups has finished and there are interesting results to talk about so lets get down to business.

Firstly lets look at the results in a graph showing the total results by muscle type.

Straight away you can see that the favourite muscle group by a large margin is the chest, this actually didn't surprise me much as its a strong muscle group and also one that offers a lot aesthetically.

What did surprise is the second favourite muscle group. There are two in joint second, one is the shoulders which again I wasn't surprised about but the other was legs. Now I know a high percentage of those that train in the gym neglect to train their legs and it is for this reason I am surprised to see that legs was joint second choice for favourite muscle group.

The third favourite choice is the back, a great big muscle group full of strength and giving great width from behind so not surprising it is high in the table.

Joint fourth is the Biceps and Triceps, the Triceps being fourth was not too surprising but I expected the Biceps to rank more highly. The Biceps, also lovingly known as the guns, are one of mans favourite vanity muscles so I would have thought many people would have favoured this muscle group more.

The final and fifth muscle group is the abs, now the fact that abs came last may be debated by many. The abs are a vanity muscle in the sense of many men aspiring to achieve a six pack so is highly favoured in this manner but the problem is that the abs workouts are not as interesting as others and it takes a massive amount of work to achieve a six pack. It is for the latter reasons I think it finished last.

The full breakdown of the results by percentage is below.

Chest - 32.56%
Legs - 16.28%
Shoulders - 16.28%
Back - 11.63%
Triceps - 9.30%
Biceps - 9.30%
Abs - 4.65%