Sunday, 14 June 2009

Pendlay Rows

The Pendlay row is a variation to the Barbell row and was designed by Glenn Pendlay who the exercise is named after. Glenn Pendlay is a weightlifting coach in the US.

The difference between the Pendlay row and the Barbell row is that the Pendlay row is strict in its form compared to the Barbell row, this means you are sure you are building your back in the correct way.

Pendlay Row

Equipment - Barbell of desired weight

Preparation - Bend over with your back straight and legs bent then grip the barbell with your hands in an overhand grip and shoulder width apart.

Keep your form strict for the whole movement, dont let your legs/hips move at all in the lift and make sure your back stays straight.

Movement - Keeping your back straight and legs rigid (dont let them move...yes Ive mentioned this twice but its important) pull the bar up towards your upp abs. Return the weight to the floor then lift again, unlike other exercises you are meant to bring the bar back to the floor before starting the next rep.

Note - Remember to start with an empty bar and build weight gradually to ensure you have correct form and do not try to lift heavier than you can. This is very important so you do not cause yourself an injury.

Reps/Sets 5 to 12 reps for 4 sets

Pendlay Row


Anit said...

This is great, I've been doing these for some time now not really knowing if i've been doing them correctly. I do have 1 question though....whats the reasoning behind putting the barbell back on the floor after each rep, and does it matter if you don't do that?

Merc said...

to Anit....

The bar is placed on the floor after each rep to allow for a much more explosive movement. Such an explosive contraction is not as easily performed if your supporting the weight with your lower back during the entire duration of the lift. In my opinion these are superior to regular bent barbell rows