Saturday, 27 June 2009

Length of Time Weightlifting

This time round the research poll didn't get many results, well thirteen to be exact but we still have some data so here goes with the results of the length of time people have been weightlifting.

As you can see most people have been training for 3 years or under with under one year receiving 3 votes, one to two years receiving 4 votes and two to three years receiving three votes. This means that 76.92% of people who responded have been training for three years or under.

We did have 2 people say they have been training for three to four years and one person who has been training for over five years.

What did interest me in the results is that the average length of time people have been weightlifting from those who responded is exactly two and a half years. This figure surprises me as most people only train for a year or so as a maximum before giving up, its only the die hards that carry on past this point.

If you think about how many people do go to the gym lifting weights and the time they have been doing so you can understand what my point is.

I suppose the low response doesn't give too much credit to the data but it is interesting none the less.