Saturday, 11 July 2009

How Much Do You Bench?

The poll on "How much do you bench" is in and the results are great. This time we got a good commitment with 56 people giving their data to give us a good volume of results.

So heres the graph...

I was not surprised by the results of this poll, well maybe a little about the amount of people who say they bench more than 150 kg but Ill explain why further on in the post.

So looking at the results we can clearly see that the majority of people bench press between 70 and 90 kilograms, this is actually the weight group I expected to see the highest amount of results given the average amount I see people lifting.

Two choices came joint second and these are those either side of the 70 to 90 kilogram option. These two choices are the 50 to 70 kg and the 90 to 110 kg group. Again this is not surprising as you would expect the results in second place to be close to the top choice with the option before or after dependant on a persons training schedule and years of training.

Other than these results we see that 5 people choice the under 50kg option which I believe would represent those that have not been training for a long period as this is usually about the starting point for someone new to weightlifting.

The results that did surprise me were those for the top end of the poll, the choice for 110 to 130kg received 4 counts while 130 to 150kg received 5 and 150kg plus received 6. I would honestly have expected the results to have been reversed with a decline in numbers as the weight lifted grew but this was not to be.

I feel this was an interesting poll and probably my favourite of all polls to date.