Saturday, 25 July 2009

Nick Uhlin Interview

Today we have an interview with Nick Uhlin a Strongman from Sweden.

As many of you will probably know strongmen seem to come in abundance from the Scandinavian countries and Nick Uhlin is certainly a great addition to this with his brute strength and enjoyment in lifting heavy weights.

To see just how Nick trains why not watch his video below.

I am really happy to have been able to interview Nick and believe you will truly enjoy todays interview.


What made you start out in Strongman training and how old were you?

After years of ordinary bodybuilding training I got tired of it and looked for another way to train.

I started powerlifting training at first but started going more and more over to pure strongman training. I started to train at 25 and Im 42 today, so I have lifted heavy stuff for a long time and hope that I can do that for many years to come. I like strongman training becuse it taxes your body in every way you can think of.

What is your favourite weight training exercise?

Deadlift and stonelifting/walking.

What are your personal bests in?

Weight - 102kg (224lbs)

PR Year 2009 (I was stronger in squat and deadlift when I was younger)
Shoulder Press - 100kg / 2 reps
Crucifix I train with 10kg (timehold)
Squat - 220kg (484lbs)
Deadlift - 200kg (440lbs)

How often do you train?

4-5 times/week

What does your weekly training schedule consist of?

Basic stuff in the gym. Squat, deadlift, benchpress.

Strongman training at my home with a lots of homemade equipment. I also train my grip one time per week.

What do you see as the big difference between strongman and other weightlifting sports?

In competions there is more show in strongman and you need better cardio for strongman. But the best is the fun of lifting heavy and odd things, you cant beat that :)

Why are the scandinavians so good in the strongman and dominate the competitions?

Today you can find good strongman atletes in every country. Strongman grows every year with more people training and doing competitions. But Magnus Samuelsson and Svend Karlsen was great strongmans.

Where do you see your future in strongman?

My goal is to start compete next year 2010 and I will take it from there. I see bright on the future as a strongman.

Do you have any words of motivation for our readers?

The most important is to have fun and train hard.

To find out more about Nick Uhlin you can visit his Youtube channel or his new website