Sunday, 6 September 2009

How Much Do You Deadlift

The poll results finished almost a month ago yet I have not posted the results so I thought that today I would get the results and share them all with you.

So the results for how much you deadlift are:

Now the first thing that jumps off the graph to me is the data that shows the higher percentage of lifters are actually lifting a larger amount of weight, is this true? Do I have heavier lifters frequenting my site?

I would personally have expected the higher percentage of people to be in the under 80 kg to 100 - 120kg brackets but then this does depend greatly on my readership and their training.

The two highest percentage brackets for lifting are 180+ kg with 12.5% of the results (one in eight people) and the 140 to 160kg bracket with 8.93% of the results.

There are three results in joint third and these are 80 to 100kg, 120 to 140kg and 160 to 180kg all receiving 5.36% of the results. Under 80kg came fourth and last but one with 3.57% of the results and 100 to 120kg came last with 1.79% of the results.

Those that have said they lift more than 180kg I would like to say this is an amazing weight to lift and well done!