Saturday, 26 September 2009

MRI Black Powder

I have been hearing great things about the MRI NO Black Powder supplement from friends hitting the gym. They say that this pre workout supplement is making them feel pumped, strong and ready to lift weights they would never normally dream of lifting…does it work or is it a placebo effect?

What is MRI Black Powder?

Well the MRI NO Black Powder is a supplement featuring Creatine and Arginine but also has Taurine, Beta Alanine, Caffeine and Green Tea among other workout kick ass supplements. This powerful mix gives you a physical and mental kick that is sure to boost your workout.

The MRI Black Powder supplement is a pre workout supplement that you take not long before training. Once you have kicked in your training regime you will find an amazing increase in energy and strength.

Some people believe that after training they can feel their muscles start to recover; in fact some people have said that they felt ready to hit the gym three hours after their previous gym session. While we have no confirmation that this is correct and would never suggest holding a training session three hours after the first the MRI Black Powder is getting rave reviews across the weight lifting world.


If your looking to improve your performance in the gym then its definately worth trying Black Powder as it is relatively low in cost and could improve your workout no end.

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