Monday, 8 March 2010

Gut Busting Abs

For those who are of a vain nature there are two main features men wish to work on, these are the biceps and the abs. Today I wish to talk about building gut busting abs that perfect, yet elusive six pack that many men aspire to.

We all know that feeling of summer rolling around the corner and that feeling is never more evident than now. I am sure many of you are looking at booking your summer holidays and thinking “Ive only got 3 months to get in shape”. Truth be told the main focus of getting in shape is that beach bod with a six pack that will attract the ladies.

So how do you get gut busting abs?

Well firstly you have to understand that like all muscles you cannot train your abs EVERY day, although many people do try. To get the best out of your abdominals its best to train them three days a week with a days break between each session.

If you go to the gym regularly then build it into the end of your workout, unless you feel you don’t have the discipline to do this where you need to make it the start of your workout so your ab workout gets done.

Your three ab training days should be broken into three different ab sessions, session one control, session two power and session three endurance.

Control – This means take it slow so you take three seconds to raise your body and three seconds to return back down, this will really get your abdominal muscles going and you WILL feel the burn.

Power – Lift your body as quick as possible and take one second to return back down, as you start finding this easy add light weights to make it harder.

Endurance – This session is about lots of reps with two seconds to raise your body and one second to return to your starting position.

Many people simply do sit ups or crunches to build their abdominals, they don’t realize there is many variations of ab training that can really push the boundaries and improve their abdominals.

If you carry out three sessions a week following the three ab training types mentioned you can see huge advances in a matter of weeks rather than months.