Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Current Training Update - Eastern Europe

Training is going well although I do admit I have taken a week off, but for good reasons I may add. I have travelled to Eastern Europe and I am currently training in Bulgaria, I am here for two and a half weeks and I am already finding it a good learning experience.

We all know that the Eastern Europeans are the kings of weight lifting. For some reason their genes or a secret regime they have seems to produce huge men on a scale only seen in a production factory.

After a few training sessions with these big boys it seems evident that they dont have any special "Extras" on us weight lifters or bodybuilders from the Western block, in fact I have made a huge discovery.

The discovery is that the Eastern Europeans use no frills gyms unlike many of their Western counterparts, also they seem to not bother with alot of exercises that we deem important and keep to the basics. Its all about free weights here in Eastern Europe, none of these resistance machines, they keep it simple yet effective.

I am going to monitor their training regimes more closely for the next couple of weeks and see what I can bring back to the UK with me to alter my training and make some serious gains.