Friday, 25 April 2008

Good High Protein Foods

As mentioned in a previous post protein is a very important part of your nutritional requirements when carrying out any weight lifting exercise in the gym, without good sources of protein in your diet you will not see the gains you want.

Although it is great to know and understand how much protein you need to take in on a daily basis many people do not know what are high protein foods that are good and healthy for their diet.

Many people who are new to training either jump straight on the fatty junk foods like hamburgers and fried chicken which are high protein foods but also high in saturated fats. Some people actually do the opposite and just live of leafy salads with no protein intake at all.

I have collated a short guide to the food types that are high protein foods and still good for any diet because they are also low in saturated fats. Whether you are trying to bulk up, maintain your weight or cut up by shedding those pesky pounds of fat these are the right protein foods for you.

High Protein Foods

(please note these figures are estimated, look at the nutritional labels on the food you buy)

Chicken breast - 100 grams (30 grams of protein)
Turkey - 135 grams (32 grams of protein)
Tuna (Tin) - 170 grams (34.5 grams of protein)
Fillet of Fish (Fresh) - 100 grams (22 grams of protein)
Beef steak - 170 grams (40 grams of protein)
Kidney beans - 125 grams (7 grams of protein)
Butter beans - 125 grams (7 grams of protein)
Flaxseed - 100 grams (18.5 grams of protein)
Nuts - 30 grams (7 to 10 grams of protein)
Ham - 100 grams (17 grams of protein)
Egg - large (6.5 grams of protein)

There are other high protein foods that can really support your diet when weight training, the above is just a small sample of what is on offer. You can always supplement your protein intake with protein shakes or home made protein bars too.