Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Supine Row

The supine row, also known as the inverted row looks like the reverse to a pressup when you look at it, truth be told in essence this is what you could say the supine row is.

The supine row is a great exercise to work the upper back muscles. By completing this exercise you will work the Lats and the Trapezius and see a huge improvement in strength and muscle size.

I normally complete the supine row as my last exercise in my back workout.

Supine Row

Equipment - Fixed bar (I use Smith Machine) and bench if desired

Preparation - Lay on the ground with the bar at chest height then hold the bar with a wide over hand grip. Put your legs and feet together.

Movement - Pull your body towards the bar (till your chest is no more than one inch from the bar) keeping it straight at all times through the movement before returning to the starting position and repeat.

Reps/Sets 8 reps for 3 sets

Below are two videos showing you how to perform the supine row, one is performed with a bench and one is performed without a bench.

Supine row without a bench

Supine row with a bench