Saturday, 5 April 2008

Home Made Protein Bars

Protein is a very important component to building muscle, the problem is that when you are on the move it isn't always easy to get the protein intake that you require. One way I have found round this without great expense is to create my own home made protein bars.

Protein bars can be bought from shops but can be costly, to make your own home made protein bars costs relatively nothing. What is great about home made protein bars is the fact that they only take 30 minutes to make a batch and you can keep them in your fridge to grab on the go when your need a little protein boost.

Here is how you make home made protein bars


100g - Oats
100g - Peanut Butter
100g - Whey protein powder
4 Tablespoons of Honey
30ml - Milk
Raisins (If desired)

Making home made protein bars

To make your bars place the peanut butter and honey in to a bowl then microwave for around one minute until the mixture is soft. Place your oats, whey protein powder and raisins in to the bowl and mix. You will find that once you have got the mixture mixed well it is very dry so you can add a little milk (up to 30 ml) to give the mixture a little moisture and mix well until the milk is mixed in.

After you have mixed your ingredients well place it in a tray and flatten it out in to a large rectangle that is even in height. Place the mixture in the fridge for two hours or more until the ingredients have solidifed again then take the mixture out and cut in to 12 even shaped bars. Once all the bars are cut out individually wrap them in clingfilm and place them back in the fridge for when you want you have home made protein bars.

To be honest they taste good although they may have a slight powder texture in places due to the protein powder used in the indredients.

Here is the rough nutritional breakdown by protein bar...

Serving Size 35g
Calories 119
Protein 8.9g
Carbohydrates 9.18g (Sugar 0.75g)
Fat 5.25g (Saturates 0.25g)
Fibre 1.65g
Sodium 0.05g