Monday, 9 June 2008

One Rep Max Calculator

The one rep max is an important part of strength training, basically the one rep max is the heaviest amount of weight a person can carry out one rep with perfect form. Essentially the one rep max determines a persons strength.

The one rep max is used in Power lifting where power lifters are compete by lifting the heaviest weight they can for one repetition in the bench press, squat and dead lift.

One difficulty with the one rep max is that many people do not know what their max weight to lift is and are uncomfortable trying to lift alot more than usual even with the support of someone spotting them.

To help support your training I have built a one rep max calculator in Excel, this uses the most common of all formulas which is

but there are two other common formulas which return very similar results.

By understanding what the maximum weight you can lift is you can really get a better understaning of your training schedule and train for what you want to achieve (strength or physique).

Some that are new to training may find their one rep max is not actually as high as the calculator tells them, this will be because their body is not quite used to lifting heavy weight and will not respond well under the pressure of the heavy weights.

Click here to get your free one rep max calculator.


Edvald said...

Hi Mugshot and thanks for all the tips your giving away,I will definately be a reqular guest at your blog from now on :-)
In respect to the One Max rep calculator; All my weights are in Kilo´s, will I need to convert them to Lbs or does it not matter if I use Kg´s or Lbs in respect to the formula in the calculator.
Rgds, Ed

Mugshot said...

Hi Edvald,

Thank you for your comment and kind words.

With the one rep max calculator it does not matter whether you input your weight in kilos or pounds the formula either way the formula will work.

I hope the calculator is of use and you enjoy my blog in the future as I plan on offering many more tips!