Saturday, 21 June 2008

Strength Training

Strength training is used in bodybuilding, power lifting and weightlifting. Strength training is the art of using weighted resistance to cause muscular contraction which builds the strength of the skeletal muscles so a person can lift heavier and heavier amounts of weight.

Although many of you are undoubtedly hitting the gym regularly to gain muscle can you hand on heart say that you know all the different types of strength training exercises and the benefits they give you?

Weight training

The most well known of the strength training groups of exercises, weight training uses dynamic exercises that combine the muscles and movement of the joints to lift different weights in different movements to oppose muscle contraction and cause the body to promote muscle growth. The most well known movements in weight lifting are the bench press, biceps curl, squat and dead lift.

Resistance Training

Resistance training uses dynamic exercises that combine the muscles and movement of the joints to use strength to overcome an opposing force whether this is stretching an elastic band, squeezing together levers that wish to be apart, bending something that wishes to be straight etc.

Resistance training can increase muscle size and strength while also toning the body.

Isometric Training

Isometric training consists of causing the static contraction of the muscles without any movement of the bodies joints. Examples of isometric training would be to press the palms of your hands together causing your muscles to work without any movement occurring or holding a weight in a specific position without moving it for a period of time.


Those who predominately use weight training to gain strength can benefit by adding some isometric and resistance training exercises in to their strength training regime.