Sunday, 6 July 2008

Bodybuilding Body Composition Calculator

When bodybuilding body composition is very important. Bodybuilding is all about sculpting the body to be as asthetically pleasing as possible and to achieve this you need your body to be as totally in proportion like an Adonis.

What becomes an issue with bodybuilding is that some areas of the body develop quicker than others due to a persons genetic makeup, this makes it difficult for a bodybuilder to really manage the way they train to achieve the ultimate dream of true size that is proportionate.

To help all the bodybuilders out there I have developed a body composition calculator in Excel that works out the development of a bodybuilders individual body parts in relation to their height and weight. the calculator advises whether each body part is under developed, developed or over developed in relation to all other body parts.

To get your free body composition calculator click here

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Youcef said...


Since you seem to have a scientific approach to bodybuilding, which I strongly encourage. It is precisely what motivates my first suggestion :

You should add the sources and references of the Excel macro you made.

Besides, you should program a little javascript app for this so it is available directly on your page. It would be a lot more convenient.

Keep up your motivation and keep posting ;-)