Sunday, 12 April 2009

Build A Bigger Chest in 10 Weeks

We all want to build a big, strong body that can be compared with the Adonis for its chiseled muscular stature but how many people know exactly how to achieve this?

A lot of men know that exercise will support them in their goal of achieving an awe inspiring body, the problem is they don't know how to achieve this and they train in the incorrect way.

Are you one of those men that go to the gym, have a little jog on the treadmill, then spend an hour doing bicep curls of various types (barbell, dumbbell and EZ bar)? If the answer is yes then you need to read on to find out how to build a bigger chest in 10 weeks.

Firstly you can train your chest once or twice a week, training your chest twice a week will give better results. Make sure you give at least a full 48 hours rest between separate chest training sessions. I would advise training your chest on a Wednesday and Saturday for example.

It is also important to mention that each training session should take no longer than 45 minutes and you will also be training your triceps as a secondary muscle in your chest training regime. If you have time left at the end of your chest workout session add some triceps exercises to take you up to the 45 minute workout.

I will show you a few different chest training regimes that will really build a bigger chest in 10 weeks. For optimum results use a mixture of these training regimes throughout the 10 weeks to achieve your bigger chest.

Training Regime 1

Bench Press

Sets/Reps - 4 x 8

Information - Go heavy on the bench press but ensure you keep good form. By going heavy on the bench press you will really punish your chest muscles and trigger the hormones in the body into natural muscle growth.

Incline Dumbbell Fly

Sets/Reps - 4 x 10 to 12

Information - This exercise removes the use of the Triceps but does add stress to the deltoids (shoulders) as well as the chest muscles. Use lighter weights with good form, you should be just able to complete the last few reps of the last set.

Close Grip Bench Press

Sets/Reps - 4 x 10 to 12

Information - By moving your hands closer together the emphasis is more on the Triceps than the chest. Use lighter weights as you get used to the movement as the bar can become unstable because of the close grip.

Training Regime 2

Incline Bench Press

Sets/Reps - 4 x 8

Information - Go heavy but keep good form. The incline bench press uses the shoulders and Triceps as secondary muscles and moves the angle at which you are hitting the chest muscles.

Cable Crossover

Sets/Reps - 4 x 10 to 12

Information - The cable crossover is a great exercise as it gives constant tension on the muscles throughout the whole movement. The cable crossover also incorporates the core muscles as well as the Triceps as secondary muscles.

Press Up Claps

Sets/Reps - 4 x 10 to 12

Information - Utilising the standard press up with your hands just wider than shoulder width apart push hard and clap your hands between each push up. This explosive power will really improve your chest size and strength. You may find that initially you can only carry out one or two of these but stay motivated and you will soon find you can complete full sets.

Training Regime 3

Dumbbell Bench Press

Sets/Reps - 4 x 8

Information - Go heavy on the dumbbell bench press but be aware that you will not be able to lift as much as if you were on the standard barbell bench press. The dumbbell bench press is a great exercise as it lets the arms work independently and engages stabilising muscles so promotes extra growth.

Decline Bench Press

Sets/Reps - 4 x 10 to 12

Information - Go heavy on the decline bench press and keep your hands shoulder width apart, form is important. The decline bench press shifts the angle your hitting the chest muscles and also works the shoulders and Triceps.

Dumbbell Pullover

Sets/Reps - 4 x 10 to 12

Information - The dumbbell pullover hits the chest at another different angle and also works the chest. This is a great supporting exercise to a chest workout.


Remember the rules!

Dont work the chest more than twice a week
Leave at least 48 hours between each chest workout
Dont spend longer than 45 minutes on each gym session
Add Triceps exercises at the end of your chest session if you complete within 45 minutes