Thursday, 30 April 2009

Biceps 21s

I swear by Biceps 21s, it is the perfect exercise to finish off your biceps workout. If your after new growth in the biceps department then Biceps 21s are truly the exercise for you.

So what is Biceps 21s?

Biceps 21s is a spin off of the standard biceps curl. You still use the standard barbell or EZ bar (my preference is the EZ bar) but you carry out 21 repititions for each set you complete, hence the name 21s.

The idea is that you stand in the biceps curl position but carry out 7 lower half reps, only bringing the bar half way through the curl movement so your arms go from straight down to a 90 degree angle halfway up your torso.

Once these 7 reps are complete you then complete 7 upper half reps only bringing the bar down from your hands being up near your shoulders to your arms being at a 90 degree angle halfway up your torso.

On the final 7 reps you complete 7 biceps curls with the full range of motion.

When and how to complete Biceps 21s?

Carry biceps 21s out every other week at the end of your biceps workout. Start off with 2 sets and build up to 3 sets after 4 weeks. Once you have completed biceps 21s for 8 weeks you can see a huge explosion in the size of your biceps.

Always ensure you keep good form, with biceps 21s its more important to use lower weight and keep good form than to increase the weight and find your form goes out of the window. With good form comes good increases in size, with bad form you will not gain anything substantial.

Biceps 21s Video