Monday, 26 May 2008

Andy Bolton

Andy Bolton, born Andrew Alan Bolton on 22nd January 1970, grew up in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

In his youth Andy Bolton played rugby league and was quite the athlete in the 100 metre sprint, that was until he saw some boys older than him lifting weights in the local youth centre. Andy decided weight lifting was for him at the ripe age of thirteen.

Andy's father did not like the idea of his son training with weights at such a young age, with good reason, so kept Andy's lifting to a minimum until he was eighteen and his father gave him free reign to really hit the weights hard.

Andy Bolton won his first powerlifting competition in January 1991, the competition was the Yorkshire Junior Championship.

Since 1991 Andy has moved from strength to strength (literally) in the powerlifting arena, currently Andy has won

  • 6 times World Superheavyweight Powerlifting Champion
  • Official World Record holder in the squat (550.5kg, -1213lbs)
  • Official World Record holder in the Total (1273kg, -2806lbs)
  • Official World Record holder in the Deadlift (455kg, -1003lbs)
  • The only man in history to cross the 1000lb barrier in the deadlift.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic WPO Professional World Champion.


gilbert said...

this guy is beyond belief a deadlift of 1008 pounds makes a lifter like kazmaier well behind.

gilbert said...

you choose either strongman contests or powerlifting . at one time you have to specialise a bit . more money in strongman though.