Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mental Strength - Bigger Muscle Gains

I was in the gym today and after seeing some of the guys training thought that a post about mental strength for bigger muscle gains was important.

I have seen some guys in the gym that I feel are not fulfilling their full potential, not because their training regime is poor but more because I feel they are not pushing themselves hard enough when it comes to moving up the weight scale.

Mental strength is a very important part of your training when in the gym, if you dont have the mental strength and confidence to push yourself further and lift that extra bit of weight then you are missing out on a huge muscle gain potential.

I have to admit I suffered with this when I first started out, mainly because I trained alone and was worried that if I could not lift the weight I could cause myself a mischief. Truth be told, if you have a training partner they should spot you on each exercise so you have the chance to try and add extra weight to your sets.

I have been throwing extra weight on my exercises every week this year even to manage just one rep on a higher weight, I feel that having the mental strength to push myself in this manner has really had a positive affect on my training.

It is important to push yourself to add that extra few pounds/kilograms so your muscles can start to get used to lifting heavier weight and give you extra muscle gains. Next time you are in the gym try mentally preparing yourself and add a little extra on your bench press or dead lift and see if you can achieve that milestone of lifting more than you have before.