Saturday, 17 May 2008

Dead Lift Personal Best

After the session I have had in the gym today training my back through compound movements like the deadlift I thought it was important to put pen to paper in a digital manner and give an update in my journal.

Today I woke up in an energetic mood and hit the gym big time and decided today was the day I was going to make gains on my deadlift personal best. I got to the gym and started off with the barbell row and hit a max weight of 80 kg (176 pounds) before hitting the deadlift.

Below is my sets and what I achieved

Set 1 - 100 kg (220 pounds) - 8 Reps
Set 2 - 110 kg (242 pounds) - 6 Reps
Set 3 - 120 kg (264 pounds) - 4 Reps
Set 4 - 140 kg (308 pounds) - 1 Reps

Now the last set of 140 kg (308 pounds) is a new personal best for me on the dead lift and given my weight is currently 88 kilograms (193 pounds) this is quite a bit over one and a half times my own body weight.

My target is to achieve 160 kg (352 pounds) by September and 200 kg (440 pounds) by the end of the year on the deadlift. Now this target is out there for you all to see I have no choice but try and achieve it and up date my journal so you can all see whether I hit my target or fail miserably!