Saturday, 31 January 2009

Creatine Side Effects

Many people talk about the Creatine side effects so I thought it was time to put digital pen to digital paper and tell you all about my own view on this.

Currently studies have not been able to establish long term side effects from taking Creatine but it is deemed safe to take Creatine if your a healthy individual and take it in the correct dosage as set out on the product purchased.

Some people do experience side effects from taking Creatine, I myself being one, but not everyone has an issue. The side effect experienced is not a worrying one either, the side effect is mild dehydration.

I have warned many people that if they take Creatine they need to ensure a good level of drinking water to keep hydrated. The reason for this is that Creatine increases the water uptake in the muscles which takes water from elsewhere and can cause dehydration due to a water imbalance in certain areas of the body. If you drink water regularly to ensure you are well hydrated then this will not be an issue as the body will get the water it needs to carry on completing its other functions effectively.