Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Strongman - The Strength Athlete

Strongman competitions have been around for for hundreds of years but the stongman competitions of today are totally different than those of yesteryear.

Unlike weightlifting competitions or bodybuilding the strongman competition is a test of strength athletics rather than a pure test of power like weightlifting or powerlifting or to look like physical perfection like bodybuilding.

The most famous and well known of all the strongman competitions is the "World's Strongest Man" which takes the top strongman from all countries to compete for the crown of the worlds strongest man.

The strongman competitions usually consist of many different movements such as flipping cars over, lifting very heavy concrete balls (The atlas stones), flipping large metal poles (Fingals fingers), holding heavy weights at arms length from the body (Crucifix) and many more.

Those that compete in strongman competitions have to have a great deal of cardiovascular fitness to support their strength. They also tend to train using workouts that involve running while pulling a sled or flipping tractor tyres....a little more than the normal weight workouts that you and me complete.