Saturday, 3 January 2009

Killer Home Back Workout

Today is the killer home back workout, the last workout for those wishing to get in shape from home to battle the economic slump the world is in. To carry out this workout you need dumbbells and, a bench or chair and thats about it!

This time we are working on four exercises of four sets with twelve repetitions for each set.

Exercise One

Wide hand press ups.

Take a press up position with a wide grip to utilise your back rather than your chest then take three seconds to move down and one second to push back up.

Exercise Two

Shoulder shrug

Using dumbbells stand with your legs shoulder width apart and dumbbells by your side then shrug your shoulders upwards towards your ears then return to your normal stance and repeat.

Exercise Three

Dumbell bent over row

Using dumbells put your right hand and knee on a bench keeping your back straight. With your arm straight towards the floor lift the dumbbell towards your rib, under your chest and repeat.

Exercise Four

Lower back lift

Lie flat on your front and with your arms behind your back just above your bottom, lift your chin off the floor so your facing forward while keeping your body still, return to your starting position and repeat.