Monday, 30 March 2009

Chicken Livers

One of my favourite foods for protein is Chicken Livers. To many this is not the nicest meal available but for me Chicken livers with onion is an amazing and tasty dish that also supplies a high amount of protein. Oh and its very cheap! for 400 grams of Chicken Livers in the UK its 99 pence (about $1.50 in USD).

The nutritional facts are clear, for 100 grams of Chicken Livers your body gets

25g - Protein
5g - Fat (1.5 grams saturated)
0.1g - Carbohydrates

Chicken Livers are also very high in Iron, Thiamin, Zinc, Copper, Maganese, Vitamins A and C.

If you like eating liver then I suggest buying Chicken Liver and having it as a meal once in a while. The only downsides to Chicken Livers is that they do have a high level of Cholesterol and chicken liver is also high in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is great but in liver the levels of Vitamin A exceeds daily recommended amounts which if you do regularly can be toxic.