Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Muscle Fitness Test

We would all love to know how well our training is going and how our muscle fitness is responding to what we are putting them through.....well now Im posting a very simple and fun way you can test your muscle fitness at home!

Okay this is simple, firstly you need to time yourself to see how many full press ups (no knees on the floor please) you can complete in two minutes.

Next you need to time how many situps (full situps no cheating with crunches please) you can complete in two minutes.

Now combine your total together for both tests and use the results below to see you muscle fitness...

145+ - Amazing shape
120 - 145 - Very good
90 - 120 - Good
70 - 90 - Average
Below 70 - Very poor you need work

So how well did you do? Be honest and post a comment with your muscle fitness test results....if you feel abit embarrassed post them anonymously!