Sunday, 1 March 2009

Scot Mendelson

Scot Mendelson was born on the 21st February 1969 making him 40 years of age. Currently residing in Valley Glen, California Scot Mendelson is a self employed personal trainer and more importantly a world famous Powerlifter.

In his youth Scot Mendelson loved sports and played Baseball and American football. When he reached his teens however things changed as he moved into the sport of wrestling where his strength and determination proved too much for his opponents.

After success in wrestling Scot started boxing before moving into bodybuilding. With his pure strength showing even more through his bodybuilding Scot decided to move into Powerlifting.

It did not take long for Scot Mendelson to establish himself in the Powerlifting world as he won the World Championship in Las Vegas in 2000, Scot followed this up by breaking the record as the first man to raw bench press over seven hundred pounds outside the US which he achieved in Capetown in 2001.

After acheiving this amazing record Scot decided breaking world records in Powerlifting is what he wanted to do. In 2005 Scot broke the raw unassisted bench press record with a might 715lb lift (325 kg).

Scot Mendelson also reached a massive 1023lb (465kg) benchpress at the WPC world championships in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in November 2008. This lift was not raw.