Sunday, 29 March 2009

Deadlift Technique Execution

Today I wanted to mention the importance of deadlift technique execution. I have seen many weightlifters lift in this exercise with such bad form.

I once trained with a partner who could not lift as much as I could, what he would try and do was lift heavier than he physically could. He did this to try and look like he was lifting closer to the weight I lift which I used to tell him he shouldn't.

What would happen is that by lifting the heavier weight he would end up with appalling form from a rounded back and no use of the legs, it worried me as I thought one day he would injure himself.

With this in mind I just want to reiterate the importance of using the correct technique in the deadlift with correct form and lower weight. Please take a moment to visit this deadlift technique execution run down to make sure you are carry out the deadlift correctly.

To visit the run down on the deadlift click here