Sunday, 22 March 2009

Egg Nutrition and Cholesterol

Previously it was thought that Eggs were great for protein but not good for cholesterol because of the fat found in the yolk, it was for this reaon that bodybuilders ate a large amount of egg whites but did not eat the yolks.

Recent research has found that the age old healthy diet of only eating three or less eggs a week because of cholesterol is actually not correct. The studies conducted showed that eating one or two eggs a day has no detrimental affect on cholesterol levels, heart disease or anything else as the natural cholesterol found in eggs did nothing to impact the levels found in the body.

The research went on further to say that it is the Tran fats found in food products that cause all the issues in obesity and heart disease.

So this shows that you can have you eggs and eat them, including the yolk that is packed with Citrulline an amino acid that supports lactic acid metabolism and reduces muscle fatigue along with Choline which improves the performance of the whole body.