Saturday, 23 May 2009

Are Protein Shakes Halal?

I have noticed a great many people using the keyword phrase of protein shakes and Halal to find Muscle Power Shop so I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about this subject.

Now Whey is a by product of making cheese, in fact whey is the milk plasma left after the milk has been curdled. It sits on top of the curdled milk and is skimmed away.

In the process of creating Cheese and Whey the producers use something called Rennet. Rennet (actually called Rennin) is an enzyme chemical found in the stomach of animals and is used as part of the preparation to make cheese and whey so doesn't sound Halal at first.

Even thought Rennet is used in the process it is still Halal as long as it is not derived from Pigs. The reason why rennet is Halal is because no blood passes through Rennet thus it is rendered as not living so cannot die which means it does not need to go through the Halal process. Please see the SunniPath online Islamic Academy article for confirmation by clicking here

So to confirm, yes Whey protein shakes are Halal as long as the Rennet is not derived from pork and from my understanding no companies use pork products in their Whey protein shakes. The rennet used in Whey protein shakes is nearly always generated from the stomachs of Calves (Young cows).


Rajab said...

wow thanks bro really helpful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

of course anything from pig is totally non-halal.. but, is it halal if the rennet obtain from animal that is not properly slaughtered (according to islam way) ?

P/S: Pardon my english

Anonymous said...

of course anything from pig is non-halal.. but,is it halal if the rennet taken from a non properly slaughtered animal (according to islamic way)... Is rennet is consider as a flash of that animal?

Mugshot said...


According to the online Islamic academy Rennet does not have blood passing through it therefore it is not alive and can be consumed no matter how the animal is slaughtered, as long as its not from a pig.

So the method of slaughter doesnt matter as rennet is classed as not living. In other words you can have rennet from any animal slaughtered but not a pig.

Hj. Muhd. Ridhwan said...


Looks like it's Halal to me. But there's one thing that you forgot to cover, how about the equipment they use to manufacture the Whey Protein?

Have you ever wondered if the equipment used at the production lines are used for other non-halal products(for example, somehow one of the containers was mixed with pig stuff)?

I think that's why Halal certification is important. The Halal authorities must monitor how the whey is made. It's not just the substances used to produce whey alone.

Adam Kaan said...

@Hj. Muhd. Ridhwan how do you sleep at night thinking like that why don't just go to the mountains and live on water and air. You remind me of the Jews of mentioned in Surah Baqarah when Allah asked them to slaughter a cow they kept asking different questions until they made it complicated on themselves

Adam Kaan said...

what about the controversy surrounding halal cetification, you can just go on like this for ever which is why I'm saying if you are going to go down this paranoid route you might as well isolate yourself from modern civilisation all together.

Alhamdullilah may Allah reward the original writer.. I've been in a dilema for the past week or so as protein shakes were a staple part of my diet until recently.. now I'm off to buy my protein

HAMMAD said...

dear adam khan ... good mubarik u to live with modren civilization... in the mehshar god will not ask u abt modren civilization . there only ask abt food halal r haram ... haji huhd ridhwan said right...
if we want to make us good muslims and want after death good reward... so we must care abt it ... the people of the new era are too much touchee abt their playing theit economy and their life style ... but not bother abt their religne.... as like u u are so worried abt modren civilization but not abt the jugment day ... plz take caree abt it.... jazakmulaah ul khair

Alfian_Troxion said...

Assalaamualaikum. Alhamdulillaah that I managed to find this blog entry with the permission of God. Actually, I too was thinking about the issues related by Hj Ridwan above. As a matter of fact, I made a blog entry myself about it, and returned a protein product to GNC as it was not halal certified.

Anyway, I was just wondering... in case we actually know that the equipment is used to manufacture other non halal (or suspect) products, can the protein powder still be consumed? I hope this question does not receive harsh remarks, for I myself am still a student in discovering the many wonderful things about our deen Islam.

BTW, I will insyaAllaah visit the sunni forum link you mentioned. Anyway, I have managed to obtain the halal certification for ultimate nutrition products from their rep via email. Its on my blog. I dont wanna give the link here since I dont think its appropriate, as my blog has some adsense and other ads related stuff (you know, to hopefully make some money here and there. but at the moment, I'm not making much! LOL!). Maybe you can google "which protein powders are halal" or "ultimate nutrition halal protein powder"... Maybe u'd stubmle across it.


Alfian_Troxion said...

Sorry... I am posting again. I just came across the last paragraph on the sunni forum link you gave:

"Cheese made with animal rennet other than a pig source is halal. The fuqaha explain, however, that it is better to avoid whenever reasonably possible when its source is unknown because of the difference of opinion between the Sunni schools of fiqh regarding its permissibility and the doubt therein."

This should apply to protein powders too don't you guys think? So I believe that it won't be much harm if we try a bit harder (maybe 2-3 queries to the company) to make sure its halal :) And hence, maybe Hj Ridwan's question wasn't that paranoid after all... Well, it was a bit, but it might have been 'necessary paranoia'? LOL! Just sharing my thoughts :) Hope to hear from others who have opinions. Ma'assalaam - Alfian (Malaysia)

Mugshot said...

Hi Alfian_Troxion,

If you are ever unsure you can check with the makers by using the contact section of their websites. Many of them have actually started using a vegeterian form of rennet formed from mushrooms so you may even find the rennet is not from an animal!

Nikita said...

Thank you, it realy helped me,peace brothers

naveed zafar said...

"100% gold standard whey protien" is halal or not???? I am using this whey protien... kindly reply me

naveed zafar said...

Dear Sir;
I am using "100% Gold Standard Whey Protien" of On company. This is halal or not???

Mugshot said...

Hi Naveed,

My understanding is that currently ON 100% Gold Standard Whey Protien has not been ceritified Halal, but it all depends on the process they used as mentioned in the article. The easiest way to find out if animal enzymes etc are used and which animal they come from is to ask the manufacturer.

If you wish to find a site where you can buy Halal ceritified whey protein I know carry some in stock.