Monday, 25 May 2009

May 2009 Journal

My weight has gone up to 92kg which is great, well it fluctuates between 92kg and 93kg so Ill stick with the lower amount.

My training has been going really well, some days I have been able to train twice a day by completing a cardio session in the morning and weights session in the evening which has been really helpful.

I have found that my strength has increased quite alot on my chest area in the past four weeks and I feel my cardio has supported these gains.

In the past four weeks my running has improved immensely, in fact the distance I am running has nearly doubled and my heart rate is recovering extremely quickly. This is really supporting me as I can feel my lung capacity has increased and my recovery between sets is much quicker than previously.

The biggest difficulty Im currently having is eating enough! I currently eat 6 times a day with the aim of eating roughly 3,500 calories a day. My meal times are as follows:

Meal 1 - 0730
Meal 2 - 1100
Meal 3 - 1400
Meal 4 - 1700
Meal 5 - 1845
Meal 6 - 2030

These times are not exact but are roughly when I am eating, by doing this I can get the calories I need while also sustaining a high metabolic rate.