Monday, 18 May 2009

Calisthenics - Increase Muscle With No Equipment

I got asked a question today and thought it would make for a good article, the question was "How to get in shape without any equipment?". My answer was simple, Calisthenics.

Calisthenics actually means an exercise where you carry out movements without weights that will increase muscle through strength while also improving your bodies flexibility. To complete these movements you use your own body weight as the force against you in the movement.

Although it is important to understand that you will not become Arnold Schwarzenegger by using Calisthenics you will find that you strength will increase, your flexibility will increase and finally your muscle endurance will improve greatly.

Did you know that many boxers use calisthenics as a way of conditioning and improving their strength and flexibility?

So what exercises can you do....

Upper Body -

Press up (close, narrow and wide stance)
Triceps dips
Pull ups/Chin ups
Lying back extensions
Wrestlers Bridge (Crab)
Sit ups/Crunches

Lower Body -

Box Jumps
Split Squats
Duck walk

Ideally its best to carry these out in sets of 12 to 15 to get the most out of your routine. I would suggest carrying out an upper body workout as one routine and a lower body workout as another routine leaving 48 hours between each session.

I will post exercise videos to show how to complete these exercises in the coming weeks. Please find a video of me completing press ups below.


Anit said...

thats a really good question....for how long do you do these excerises before seeing any sort of results, either appearance wise or endurance wise?

Mugshot said...

Thanks for the comment Anit.

I would say you will see a difference in both appearance and endurance in about 4 weeks if workouts are completed at least three times a week for 40 minutes a session.

StiflersMom said...

great stuff, a workout you can do without buying any equipment. i'll surely try it sometimes ;)