Monday, 4 May 2009

Cottage Cheese - Protein While Sleeping

We all know that protein is an extremely important part of nutrition when trying to build muscle. Because of this how many of you are willing to eat cottage cheese just before bed so your muscles can carry on feeding on protein while you sleep?

Many weight lifters and bodybuilders understand that sleeping for 8 hours is very important for the muscles to repair but so is ensuring a constant supply of nutrition. You may have heard about many people who are serious about gaining muscle eating every four hours, well this doesnt just stop in the evening and start again in the morning.

To ensure a good and constant supply of proteins while sleeping there is nothing better than cottage cheese.

Why is cottage cheese so good?

Well cottage cheese is high in protein while being low in fat and carbohydrates and is also light on the stomach so gives no ill affects to eating right before going to sleep. Also the protein in cottage cheese is Casein protein which is a slow digesting protein so your body gets a slow release of protein into the muscles throughout the night.

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If your looking to build your muscles properly then I suggest buying cottage cheese and eating 100 grams before bed every evening, your muscles will thank you for it and you will reap the benefits.

Cottage Cheese Nutritional Values

1% cottage cheese contains:

Per 100g
72 calories
12.39g protein
1.02g fat
2.72g carbohydrate


BMXer said...

I am definitely going out to get a couple of tubs of cottage cheese tomorrow. I love the stuff.

Tamer said...

Also it's recommended as part of your breakfast and as a snack before launch.highly recommended